My wife Brittney and I are excited to the call God has placed on our hearts. We are thrilled to share that we will be moving to Boston to plant a church to reach a generation of people who have not heard the gospel, who have decided to give up on God and His church. Brittney and I are devoted at reaching the younger generation at large to providing a safe space where they can hear, feel, and come to know God and His plans for them. 

Well. Why Boston?  Great question statically only 3% of people affiliate themselves to be Christians. YEAH, you read that right! that’s a big deal leaving over 90% of that state lost and broken towards the gospel. We believe we can make a difference.  And with your help we can make a great impact. 

Brittney and I have plans to reach them, not only partnering through the local church. But we plan to establish a “Dream Center” What’s a Dream Center? 

The Dream Center is a creative space for the community, for development, mental health awareness, spiritual growth. Space for our youth from recreational, to creating platforms for their voices to be heard and felt, Curriculum and resources that address the needs of today through topics such as depression, loneliness, racism, identity, and more. 

Along with the help of our 3 children Brooklynn, Christopher Jr, and Ezekiel. Over the years have planted 2 churches and partner with quite a few churches to love on communities, now we believe God is pushing us to a new area where his word is needed to be heard, felt and shared. 


Our vision is that people will come to Know God, Find Freedom, discover purpose and go serve in capacity that God has called them too. Matthew 28: 19, 20 opens to us our great commission that God employs into the body for us to GO! Whether local or global all must hear the gospel. 

Here’s a breakdown of what it looks. 

Raising funds for moving cost for our family to move to Boston by July of 2022 

– Finalizing moving costs and moving into our new home. 

Great news!!! We have already secured a home! 

We plan to move and plant a local church in the Greater Boston, Dorchester area. 

For living expenses in this area for a family of 5. 

Boston is expensive and exciting. And with your help we together will make this happen! 

You partnering with us, is our big GOD ASK. 

We looking for: 10 partners for $1000

 20 partners for $500

 10 partners for $250

 25 partners for $100