My name is Negina Sedeqi. I am 25 years old married with two children who still are infants. As you are aware the Taliban have taken control of Afghanistan, we are in survival mode and at great risk, as I am a woman who has developed my skills through higher education and graduated from BCS faculty. I worked as a teacher, but after the Taliban took control of Afghanistan, they stopped me from doing my job and shut the school I worked at. As a result of this, I can be persecuted because I have actively taken part in protests against the Taliban. As a result of this, I am in fear of my life! the Taliban are breaking into people’s houses and kidnapping women, they don’t care if they are married or single. They're taking them without consent, raping them, and are forcing women to marry the Taliban soldiers and use them for trafficking. This is a violation of basic human rights and is currently active in my area. There are no women's rights in Afghanistan since the Taliban have taken over, they are recruiting young boys into Taliban training schools. I am scared they will take my children as this is happening in my area and the situation in Afghanistan is changing every hour. My husband is in danger as he used to own his own business as a tailor, but the Taliban forced him to shut it down, and he is now on his way to Iran due to no work! He went to Iran and left me and the children here where we are really in a bad situation, we don’t have food to eat and no job for me so we need urgent help. Through my American friend, Timothy Leeny who will send me your generous contributions since GiveSendGo is not here in Afghanistan.