As most of you know, Tonia was arrested for failing to obey a lawful direction at the border (not to enter WA). She went up against a magistrate who remanded her for 7 days, and was transferred to Kalgoorlie prison serving this time in solitary confinement. She has since been  released, with her case adjourned until May 10th 2022 where she'll appear before another Magistrate.

This is the consequence of us attending the Freedom Rally in Canberra, to fight for our daughters future, and our freedoms back. We knew we may have to negotiate issues on returning home, but never imagined we'd encounter this type of unlawful treatment.

Thanks to the support of Rod and Darren at Great Australian Party, we now have Matthew from AFL Solicitors representing us as Tonia's Lawyer.

I've had many people reach out asking how they can help. This is how! The money donated here will go towards legal costs for Tonia's case.

Please give what you so we can set the precedent for freedom to travel back into Western Australia, without the restrictions put in place by this states Premier. Incarceration of a young unvaccinated mother trying to return home is not the solution, and this treatment of Tonia cannot be in vein.

Please continue to fight this fight with us, and donate what you can.

On behalf of Tonia and our daughter, Thank you ❤