Blessings to All,

Your help would be greatly appreciated. Sgt Charles Dyer is a Marine who sacrificed his freedoms for all to be free, or so he thought. Sgt Dyer married the love of his life. It only takes an accusation here in Oklahoma. Imagine spending 30 years in prison and then having to register monthly for the rest of your life for something you were ACCUSED of but didn't do.

This is his story. While still in the Mrine Corps is California and his wife and daughter in Oklahoma, his life began to spiral downward. The separation was amicable as a way to save money until he was officially discharged. Then he discovered his wife was abusing prescription drugs and drinking heavily as well as infidelity.

A divorce was filed and Sgt. Dyer was pushing for full custody to protect his daughter but later decided on a shared custody agreement. His wife threatens she will do whatever she has to do to keep this from happening. Her research and actions begin. After 3 trials, Sgt Dyer is convicted. No evidence pointing to Sgt Dyer, no DNA, no formal investigation nothing. Only an accusation and a lot of computer evidence pointing to his wife on research to make these accusations and get away with it.

Why will no one listen? Why are the courts not listening? Does society not think that women have the capability of being cruel, manipulating, greedy, deceptive and vindictive?

All appeals have been lost. However, a wonderful organization in Oklahoma has agreed to take on the case and the challenge to help set the record straight, get the truth out and try to bring Sgt Dyer home. Prior to the pandemic, they did pro bono work and looked to donations to assist those wrongfully convicted. Due to the pandemic, they can no longer due pro bono work and his family just does not have the finances to pay the fee's needed to re-start this fight in the plight to free their innocent son. His father died a few years ago and his mother will be 80.

They need your help. What if your son or daughter was going through this and you know they didn't do it. How many injustices do families have to continue to endure? Without your help and prayers they may not be able to move forward with this last chance.

We don't want you to give without knowing more of the story so we ask that you do your own research. Anything that you can give to help will be blessed and appreciated.

To learn more about this case you can go to:

Thank you for your time and assistance.

The Family of Sgt Charles Dyer