This is my first time seeking help like this so please have patience.  I am just coming out of a toxic relationship.  I have a great job I've been on for 5 months and just finally got my own place.  Everything was looking up.  Well I had let my daughter use my car cause her vehicle broke down.  She had it for about 4 mos. Well a couple weeks ago I told her I needed my car back since she was due to get her tax refund in like a week.  Well she did not appreciate that.  Now I am stuck with 2 major problems.  I now have to pay for brakes,  a new tire and my left front hub assembly has to be fixed.  I can fix that 1 at a time when I get paid.  

Now the reason I'm asking for this help. I have 2 granddaughters I'm no longer allowed to see because of all this.  Yes had I of known she would get that upset over giving my car back no I wouldn't have ever asked for till she bought her one.  I miss my granddaughters deeply.  I've had to start taking depression med and soon will start talking with a counselor.  I have also found an attorney in Longview Texas that will help me establish Grandparent Visitation so I never have to deal with nonsense again.  I am desperately trying to come up with the $2000 retainer needed.  Please pray for my journey also.  I just know God has a plan to come from this. Thank y'all so much.