My name is Blanca, I’m Mexican I have been living in Canada for 9 years building a life for my 4 little children. As many families, we have been struggling emotionally and financially for this last 2 years and a half with all this COVID restricciones and because I decided to wait and not get vaccinated I had to do what it was expected. Locked myself in the house, do only grocery shopping, homeschool my 4 children on my own and making my life as “normal” for my children as I could, hoping that this will end soon and go back to our own lifestyle. As I see it, this is far from ending without being vaccinated and I know that they will force my children to get vaccinated in the near future . That’s why I decided to make a request of help through this site. I want a better future for my kids so I want to go back to my Country and start all over for them. I believe that they deserve a place of freedom of medical choice, freedom of showing there beautiful faces in public, freedom to go to school, join a team, go to a dance class with or without the vaccine. I strongly believe that that place is Mexico. Thank you for your time, generosity and prayers for my children’s future. The money will help me to travel from Canada to Mexico, find a place to stay for a month that will give me time to find a job, food, transportation, etc. I will be able to do this with your help. 

Thanks again and I hope that in the future I can help more families with my knowledge from my experience, to start all over for a better future in Mexico too. 

God bless you all.