UPDATE :  This is for my personal friend, Kateryna Kurbatova, and her family who lived in Kyiv Ukraine. She is now 1 of over 3,000,000 refugees who have fled their homes seeking safety. After spending many days in the subway and bomb shelters to avoid the bombshells, missiles and gunfire, Kateryna, her two teenage children and her mother escaped and crossed the border into Poland. Her husband, Alex, has stayed behind in Kyiv to protect their homeland. Kateryna plays 1st violin in the Symphony and we became friends several years ago sharing a common musical interest. She did not take her violin with her as they could only carry a few small bags and some sleeping bedding. It’s unknown when or even if she will be allowed to return to retrieve her violin from the rubble. I am actively seeking a donation of a violin, bow, case and other accessories suitable for a first violinist. (UPDATE:  a very compassionate and generous donor is sending a wonderful violin, bow, case and accessories for her.  Watch this video:   https://youtu.be/VZkADYaH__s  ) Pierre Holstein, owner of Fiddlershop.com is playing the Ukrainian National Anthem.  Kateryna and her family have now made their way to the Netherlands with the help of some friends there. They are temporarily staying in a Hotel with other Ukrainian refugees. They only have some clothing and must start a new life. The children are being accepted into school. She is registering in the NL municipality to get a Dutch resident identification number (BSN). Then she will be able to open a bank account and try to find any work to enable them to continue staying there. I am seeking contributions for their daily needs and survival. She must establish a new home for the family. She can the play the violin to earn money by busking, playing on the streets, restaurants or other venues/symphonies.   BTW, she plays much better than I do!!!  A maker of amplifiers also donated her a great amp called the Spark 40. The company is called Positive Grid.  She plans to use the violin and amp to partner with some local organizations and play for fundraising events for other Ukrainian Refugees as well as income for her family.  This is the amp https://www.facebook.com/mike.walters.520/videos/360584275956581/ She also plans to perform in Hospitals who are taking care of the wounded. Join me, with any donation you can make. Please share this post with your WORLD.   Any help you can contribute will be whole heartily appreciated!  God bless you!  Your prayers are needed. I have more photos of their journey across the border if you would like to see them. PLEASE HELP THEM!