First thank you for your time in reading this and possibly helping offset hospitalization bills, therapy and Psychiatrist costs etc. Two years ago my daughter suffered a life changing event just prior to Covid and the lockdowns. The event was traumatizing enough for her then all the changes young teens had to deal with socially with all the lockdown measures. She developed cutting issues and has tried to overdose twice…it’s a miracle she is still here. I quit my job to get her away and up to my moms in the country out of the city just to reset and change her path of mental health. Since then it’s been a struggle financially. I moved her to a new school where she could have a fresh start and have a chance to “be a normal kid” in her wishes. She was a phenomenal athlete with college coaches looking at her as a sophomore and chose not to play sports anymore and just focus on her mental health. She has come along way in her journey both spiritually and her outlook overall but it’s still a daily battle. I’m asking for donations to help us get through these next few months because I have depleted my savings , and it’s difficult to work from home making what I once made. Thank you for your time and reading about her journey.