The Day was July 2,2021.  We had just been home for 2 hours, when as I was mowing the lawn; I could see flames shooting from the roof.  I had just enough time to get my fur babies and my significant other out of the house, before the flames and smoke were too much to bear.  The volunteer fire department did the best and worked so hard to save the house, but alas it was not meant to be.  

     We were so fortunate to find a new home within a short time, unfortunately not long after finding our new home, my bestie fur baby Maxwell passed away.   Two months after he passed, my second bestie Buster passed away.  

     It was a long few months that seemed to last forever because after Buster passed, Kraig's back went out and went out good; which meant that our jobs were over.  We were over the road truck drivers, and once he was unable to work then my job left as well. but after all these trials, we have looked after from above.

     I then decided to take advantage of all these disadvantages and start my own business.  I am currently in the startup phase of my microgreens adventure.  I have dreamed for years to be able to do achieve this goal, but our work kept us away from home for weeks at a time therefore, I never had to time to invest.

   So, after all these depressing life changes occurred, I realized that it is time to take the leap. 

   I have always been interested in a more herbal approach to ones health, and microgreens are so packed with vitamins and nutrients that a body needs instead of the manufactured vitamins on the market.  

   I am wanting to invest in a greenhouse for this business, and products related to getting the greenhouse up and running.

    Any amount that you find in your heart to donate would be greatly appreciated, and for donors that contribute $20 will receive 1/2 pound of microgreens; $100 or more will receive 5 months of microgreens   1/2 pound per month delivered to you.   

   Thank you so much for your time and Blessings to you.