I am 69 years old wanting to regain my autonomy. I’ve had to explore ways that would generate both an income and a roof over my head. Having been associated with the trucking industry for years I was able to put together a concept that would address both my needs for an income and secure a roof over my head.

The concept consists of taking a used school bus and transforming the vehicle into a commercial vehicle equipped with a 114 sq. ft. studio apartment. The commercial portion of the vehicle will be equipped with a fifth-wheel capable of pulling a 45’ flatbed trailer and a studio apartment at the front of the vehicle with the commercial cock pit area. The studio apartment of 114 square feet features a kitchen, a bathroom with a shower, a bed, and a seating area.

I have managed over the past 2 years to accumulate the adequate appliances needed to complete the studio apartment portion of the conversion. That represents a total of $6000 of the $27000 needed to complete and put this project on the road.

With the assistance of many friends, it is estimated that within a period of 2 weeks this school bus will be converted to the desired commercial vehicle.   Once completed and licensed I will be able to offer my services to clients needing their car to be transported and hot-shot freight clients. This commercial vehicle will be licensed to carry 7 tons of freight.

The capability of being able to carry 7 tons of freight or 5 cars at a time, is in high demand nationwide. This commercial vehicle will be able to access communities that are not on the commercial trucking lanes.

I am trying to raise $21000 to complete this project before the 1st of May 2022. Your help is of great importance not only to myself but through prayer I have committed 20% of my profits that will go to help homeless people willing to find their autonomy through work.

Your involvement in this project will not only help me but will also help a few homeless looking for a place to lay their head down and full-time employment. An accounting of all funds spent from your assistance will be given upon request. Please consider helping me with whatever your heart and the Lord tells you.