Both Mark and I were diagnosed with cancer last year. While my health is pretty much stable, Marks' is not and the costs are overwhelming us. 

I have been helping people who have had difficult diagnoses, cancer, autoimmune, digestive, etc., for more than 11 years. It has been a God given Ministry for me, and an honor to help others. I have been their health coach and medical advocate. I have helped many survive the latest worldwide condition as well.

Now I need to help my husband.

Mark and I have been very involved in our Church, wherever we have lived, and given most of our spare time to the Lord and the Church. Mark stays active and for the most part is feeling pretty good. We take many supplements, juices, etc., to keep ourselves feeling good and staying active as much as possible.

We need your help and appreciate anything you are able to do, most especially your prayers.

Thank you.