have created this GiveSendGo for my son Chris and my daughter-in-law Iliana.

As some of you may already know, we've just been hit with devastating news: Our little angel, Lizzie, has just been diagnosed with Leukemia.

Lizzie began showing minor symptoms - fatigue and stomach aches. Her symptoms worsened over the last couple of weeks, and she began to faint. Chris & Iliana took her to the E.R. (Saturday, Feb. 26th), where they did routine blood work. The results alarmed the doctors. Her parents were crushed when the doctor came in and said he was very sorry, but the diagnosis wasn't good, and he suspected that she had Leukemia.

Lizzie was flown to the University of Davis Medical Center Pediatric Oncology Department, where she's had more labs and urgent treatments. Mon. On Feb. 28th and Tuesday, Feb. 29th, Lizzie will have a bone marrow biopsy, lumbar puncture, a port line placed into her chest to administer medicine, and an echocardiogram. There's also discussion that an MRI may be necessary, as well.

The labs came in on Sunday, February 27th, and Chris and Iliana's worst fears were confirmed - Lizzie has Leukemia. The bone marrow biopsy will determine which type of Leukemia Lizzie has, and the exact treatment plan will be discussed at that time. (We will provide updates)

Chris & Iliana are loving, dedicated parents to three children, one with special needs, which requires extra care and attention.

Lizzie is a bright, sweet, playful, and precious little girl! She lights up a room with her smile and loves to cuddle and give hugs. She loves animals, riding horses, playing soccer, T-ball, dancing, and dressing up like a princess.

Little Lizzie is going to be fighting for her life. This will require Chris (the sole provider) to take an undetermined amount of time away from his job to care for Lizzie and many more monetary life challenges and expenses. Due to a recent move to Cottonwood, CA, and a corresponding career change, Chris, who recently retired from the military, is still on probation for his new job. This means he has no accrued vacation time to fall back on.

No pay during this challenging time is burdensome. We all would appreciate it so much if you could help them make it through this tough time! Anything helps. Please keep little Lizzie in your prayers. We will all be fighting with her together! ❤️

All donations will go to:

- Medical Expenses
- Traveling Expenses
- Lodging
- Food
- Living Expenses
- Child Care

If you're unable to donate please share. ❤️



Hello everyone,   I'm posting this on behalf of my son and daughter-in-law.   Their names are Chris & Iliana Grant.  They recently moved to Lake CA, and some of you may already know them.  Unfortunately, we received the terrible news that Lizzie, their youngest daughter, and my Granddaughter has Leukemia.   She's currently at UC Davis Medical Center Pediatric Oncology Department receiving treatment.   They're a wonderful young family of five working hard to provide for their children, and I've created a GoFundMe account to help with the financial burden they're currently facing.  Please consider donating if you're able, and if you're unable please pray for Lizzie and share this fundraiser.  We appreciate everything!  Thank you so much! 💓