My name is Krista and I will be turning 43 years young this year.

Almost eight years ago I was in a car accident that changed me. It caused me to have medical issues such as stomach issues, bladder and bowel issues, memory issues, word finding issues, hip issues, knees issues, daily headaches/migraines etc.

It also blew up my chronic pain issues that resulted in mobility issues. Standing, seating, walking (with a cane) are all issues that I deal with daily. If I sit down like a normal person it feels like fire is spewing through me and that my spine will split/break. So I sit on my hip, which makes that worse. The pain in my body, being a mix of everything from pain attacks that go through me, down my legs and feet and make my legs go out and making me fall; burning and searing pain through my back, that go through my stomach and make me feel like I will throw up; jolting up my back through my chest and feel like a vice is on both my heart and lungs and causes trouble breathing. Pain into my neck, shoulders, jaw. Daily headaches and migraines. Not one day without them since the car accident. Pain that makes me go into the spins, the list goes on.

Because of all these things I was not able to return to work and I lived off of my savings as I continued to go to doctor after doctor.

I don’t live a second without pain through my body, a minute without a headache, a day without feeling like I’m knotted and with throw up with the pain.

The pain, mobility issues, medications all mixed together caused me to balloon up in weight to 400lbs. 

I tired everything to lose weight. I kept being offered bariatric surgery, but with having stomach issues already and feeling sick all the time I did not want to add more stomach issues to the list.

I tried all sorts of diets and ways of eating but I would lose some and then a short time later I would gain it all back and then some.

People would make comments to me, be mean to me. Being bullied is never fun.

Seeing me in the grocery store, looking into my cart and thinking it was okay to comment on what was in my cart, “Do you think you really need that package of cookies?” The nerve!

Even being outside standing was subject matter for people as some teenage boys drove by me in a car (on more than one occasion) sticking their heads out the window and yelling at me “Mooooooooooo”.  

I can recount so many scenarios.

In August of 2019, with my 40th birthday looming I started intermittent fasting. I started losing weight just like with every other method I tried, so I didn’t get excited, but this time the weight was staying off! 

I had seen a plastic surgeon and he had given me a weight goal to achieve in order to have the excess skin removed.

Shockingly to me after a year and a half I had surpassed that weight goal. Losing over half my body weight.

I went back to the surgeon in March 2021 and his eyes widened so much as he saw all the skin. “You poor girl”, he said to me. “I can take off all that excess skin.” He also told me that my arms were the worse he had ever seen. He also told me this years ago. So it seems like as my arms got worse they continued to hold that spot for him.

But he told me there is so much to be done that it would have to be done over multiple surgeries and that with each surgery there is a hospital fee on top of the surgery costs and that the government won’t help to cover it. (Except for the part of my stomach that hangs like an apron at the bottom of my torso. My surgeon has applied to the government to have that covered but if they deny me the total costs will go up. )

The removal of the excess skin won’t help any of my current chronic medical issues but it will help future ones. It will take away the excess pulling on my joints so hopefully they will last longer. As my knees and hips are going and are also riddled with osteoarthritis. For my arms it will take away the pulling on my elbow and the skin tearing to the point you see the blood under my skin from where it is tearing. For my legs it will take away, what I call the melted wax, that causes pulling to my hips and knees, that will hopefully stay off knee and hip replacements that I am told are in my future. It will help with all the sores on my body that result from skin constantly rubbing on skin. It will make me feel better about myself. 

I am not a person that asks for hand outs. I always help others, people, animals. Donating food, money, clothing; helping where I can. For the sake of helping, not posting on social media for the likes.

When people ask how I am, even though I feel like I will pass out with the pain I reply “I’m fine.” But for this I am finally asking, please help me. My first surgery was booked for June 2021, my arms. I had them done but I had complications. They are not healing properly. It feels like my arms are going to burst open and it constantly feels like there are multiple bands on each arm being wrapped tighter and tighter. Like when you are sewing and pull the thread too tight so that the fabric pulls together and bunches and puts tension on the fabric. So on top of all the other surgeries I need to have the arms redone.

Thank you for reading and if you were able to donate, thank you. If you share this also thank you.

** Note I have 

Positive vibes,