Since 1981, I have been working on a new propulsion system and I now have a working proof-of-concept prototype. I have a video of it posted on YouTube at CENTRIFUGAL PROPELLER 1.8 - YouTube .  I have proven that it is possible to generate thrust in a closed unit. I now have a new design, using the same principle as the prototype in the video. This new propulsion system will replace all rockets, jet engines, and most air and marine propellers. I have proven that it works and I am prepared to debate this with anyone in the world. It means that we will be able to reach Mars in a matter of hours and people will be leaving for day-shifts mining on the moon, and then return home to Earth for supper on the same day. We can have units for domestic or commercial use, where you strap a unit the size of an average microwave oven, onto something heavy like your fridge. When you turn on the unit it will lift the fridge so that you can push it around like a balloon. This is not speculation. I have already proven that I can create the thrust needed to do this. What I need now is $250,000 to build the practical purpose prototype. It will be far more impressive than the one seen in the video. It will lift a very heavy object, possibly me, into the air. This is revolutionary technology and I have been totally self-financed, currently to the tune of about $900K. I have reached my financial end. The pandemic has made it impossible for me to earn the money through my business of 36 years. That is why I am appealing for funds here. If I do not complete this project, it could be lost for many, many decades. If I can raise the money that I need to complete this project, I will have a working practical purpose prototype up and running with a few short months. This is a total game changer and changes the course of human history. It puts us into space like you see on Star Trek and Star Wars. This is not science fiction. I have proven that the principle works. Now I need your help to put us into space and to be able to travel around the planet in mere minutes. To give you an idea of some of the potential uses for this technology, we can build farm equipment that can hover mere inches over wet fields, allowing farmers to seed early and harvest late, when the fields may be wet, thus extending the growing season by two or three months. That will increase world crop yields very substantially, without adversely affecting the environment, or having to use GMOs. This is all natural. It just extends the growing season. It will be used for moving any heavy objects, on job sites, in businesses, or in homes. It means that we will be able to travel to distant stars in a matter of weeks or months. 

It will be capable of every single maneuver that is attributed to UFOs, so if you believe in UFOs, this is likely the propulsion system that they are using.

I am open to discuss this with anyone, so if you have any questions or concerns about it, please respond and I will reply.