Kate Morris is a mother of two amazing twins and wife to my brother Scott.

She has been battling severe acquired aplastic anemia over the past year.  Currently she is undergoing a treatment regimen prescribed by the Cleveland Clinic.  The effects of the disease have left her with the need for blood transfusions every two days while she awaits a bone marrow transplant. We are hopeful that the treatment plan she is on will result in successful remission of the disease and that they will return to normal life. With your generosity you can bring hope and healing to Kate and family through this difficult time.

Due to the immense cost of medical procedures and the inability to work for the past year I am asking for your help to spur on their hope for her full recovery.

Every dollar of this campaign will go to the financial impact this disease has had upon their family and cover all medical expenses not covered by insurance. Aside from these needs, the message of hope you give can make all the difference for Kate, Scott, Jacob & Paige.

Please share this out with any other generous hearts and keep them in your prayers!