Richard Higgins Memorial Fund

Campaign Created by: Donald Berlin

The funds from this campaign will be received by Karin Higgins.

Goal: USD $350,000
Raised: USD $ 2,100
.My Dear friend, 

Over a year ago, friends of Rich Higgins came together to create the Richard Higgins Medical Fund.  Thousands of friends and colleagues responded, including a movie that was dedicated to his life and work that was moderated by folks who once worked with Rich.  We set a goal and then exceeded that goal, all the result of your generosity and incredible kindness. 

In early February 2022, Rich entered the Georgetown University Transplant Center. It was like a call from God -- the Transplant folks called to tell him that "the gift of life had arrived", a rare small bowel transplant was underway!  Karin and Rick packed their bags of hopes and dreams and headed to the hospital. After many months of being on the transplant list -- their day had arrived!

The surgery went better than expected, and Rich did fantastic -- even the surgeons were impressed.  Rich underwent the final piece of the surgery to close him up and send him off to the Transplant Floor for final recovery.  Everyone in the family was so joyous -- so incredibly hopeful and grateful.

Then, yesterday things went terrible south, and within a few hours -- our below friend, father, husband, American Hero, and Warrior was gone.  God took Rich home and we can't understand how or why -- he was just taken from us in an instant. 

What I can share is that out of the hundreds of people that Rich and I know and have in common as friends and colleagues, he was a special soul of only one.  I loved him dearly like a brother; we walked together into battle, into war, and into political warfare.  And he loved each and every step along the way -- and I loved being along with him for the fight. 

The closest person to Rich's heart was his wife Karin.  In our many talks at night, in person, and via chat, he spoke of her often and how she worked so hard to help him, and how she sacrifice each and every day to give him hope and strength, and courage.  Once, I told Rich when he was in the hospital "You are the strongest and the bravest person I know!" Rich said, "Wrong Brother -- Karin is the warrior in this family, not me."

I smiled at the love for Karin in his voice.

Today, we are closing the Richard Higgins Medical Fund, and opening the Richard Higgins Memorial Fund.  Our goal is to pay off Rich's home so that Karin will be able to care for their children, and not have to be burdened by this kind of expense.  I ask once again for your kindness and your generosity as we begin this campaign for the Higgins Family. 

God Bless each of you in your going out and in your coming in; in your labor and in your leisure, in your rising up and in your lying down -- until that day comes when there are no more tomorrows, but life external with the God of your choosing. 

Many Blessings, 



Update #1
March 2, 2022
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Hi Folks,

Thanks much for your patience and understanding as I was delayed in doing another update for all of Rich\'s friends and supporters owing to the Russia -- Ukraine Crisis at work.

So, this weekend Karin, my wife Kimberley, and I met at the house, and we talked for several hours. After much thought and prayers, this is what the family has voted for regarding Rich\'s funeral.

Rich wanted to be buried among his "extended family of heroes and warriors." Therefore, his wish was to have his final resting place Arlington National Cemetary, here in Virginia.

As you may know, being interred at Arlington is among the highest honors for those who serve and is quite challenging to arrange. Rich would be qualified for a Full Military Funeral with Honors, Colors, and Valor but cremated. Today\'s in-ground burial is a minimum 48-week wait, and my sense is that such a long wait would be taxing upon Karin, the children, and the Higgins family.

However, Karin would like to have a nice Memorial Service and luncheon. So we are seeking help to arrange for a Memorial that will be open to all that wish to attend, and we are hoping that it will be at the Army-Navy Club in Washington very soon.

We would then retire for the Arlington Funeral that will be scheduled in the months ahead.

Several donors have come forward to help defray some of the costs to make this happen, for which I know the entire family is extremely grateful. But, anyone that wishes to contribute to these costs is always welcome to do so here -- no amount is too small. It\'s all the smaller contributions that have made this campaign so successful.

Also, many donors wish to make direct or alternative contributions -- just send me an email or note here and I will give you all of the details for a secure and easy method.

My plan is to have the final details for Rich\'s funeral and Memorial Service by Thursday, and I will post everything here, but feel free to also reach out to me via this platform for any questions.

Lastly, I again want to thank you for your many cards, notes, emails, and well-wishes. They are both overwhelming but inspiring too.

Karin reads as many as she can, but we are putting together a really beautiful book with each of your notes and prayers for her and each of the children as a life-long treasure for them to have among their keepsakes.

God Bless every one of you -- this day and forever.



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