Saving Cooper

Campaign Created by: Michaela Omatick

The funds from this campaign will be received by Michaela Omatick.

Goal: USD $1,500
Raised: USD $ 405

Hello!  Our goal is to raise enough money to save this beautiful little dog named Cooper, who came into our lives unexpectedly on New Year’s Eve 2021. He was rescued from an abandonment situation after his owner unexpectedly died two days after Thanksgiving 2021. Cooper, who was formerly known as onyx was left alone in the home with no food and only toilet water to drink for an entire month before his angel, Sarah decided to rescue him. We were asked if we would be willing to take him in as a foster and help him to know love again and to learn how to be a dog again. We were happy to take him in and fell in love with him immediately. We decided that we were going to keep him and make him part of our family, this is his forever home. 

This little guy is only approximately one year old and has been through things that no dog should ever have to endure. It is clear since he has come to our home that he was abused in the past, so severely that he is extremely fearful with extreme separation anxiety and extreme anxiety in general. When crated he literally screams, barks, pants uncontrollably and tries to destroy the crate in order to get out.  Recently,  something must have happened to frighten him further and he has begun to snap at us and try to bite. We have never raised our voices or a hand at him, and we never will. We have reached out to several veterinarians, dog trainers, dog rescues, and animal behaviorists looking for help. Unfortunately, most refuse to help and only recommend euthanasia without even evaluating him. Cooper is a very good dog but he is extremely fearful and anxious and we need the help of an animal behaviorist and a specialized trainer to help him adjust and learn how to be a dog again. Unfortunately this is a very expensive process and the cost is more than my family can take on at this time without help. I am a cancer survivor and have been undergoing treatment and eight reconstructive surgeries since July 2019. I am currently awaiting my next surgery within the next week or two. My family and I are struggling financially trying to pay my medical bills for the care that I have received over the last three years. But we don’t want this to prevent us from being able to help this beautiful little soul, who wants to be loved but doesn’t know how. I believe that with the right help from behaviorists, trainers and medication that we can help this little dog who has overcome a horrific past to finally have peace and know what love is. It is very hard for me to ask for help from anyone, but we love this little dog so much and want to help him. It has been recommended by veterinarians and an animal behaviorist that he be euthanized if we cannot find the funds to put him through the intensive therapy that he is going to need. I am not willing to just end this baby’s life without trying and will not consider euthanasia unless we are unable to get him the help that he needs. 

Please consider helping us to give this little guy another chance at learning to be loved and living the life that he was meant to. 

Thank you so much for reading this, and please know that if all that you have to offer is prayers, we welcome that with open arms and appreciate it.

We are asking for $1,500 as he will need several items to keep him and us safe while we await his initial behaviorist evaluation on May 31, 2022. He will be evaluated at Metropolitan Animal Hospital in Norristown PA on May 31. The cost is $400 for the initial evaluation. I paid $100 today and the balance is due on the date of his visit. It is likely that a trainer will cost $75-$100 per visit, and he will be needing several months at least. 

He is currently on Trazodone and Acepromazine which cost $70 for a 5 day supply. We are currently awaiting the new medication recommendation from the behaviorist, and his medication will likely change. 

Due to his uncontrolled anxiety before the medication, he has destroyed his wire crate and is in need of a heavy duty crate that costs $370 due to his size. The wire crate that we currently have is now bent and held together by many zip ties. He has to be crated when we go away and when he is reactive to stressors. This will help to keep us, our 8 year old son, our other 2 dogs, and Cooper safe should his aggression worsen before he is seen by the behaviorist and trainers. I will be happy to provide receipts, pictures and anything needed to show where the money that is raised is spent. 

Cooper is very loved and he is Ohana.  Ohana means family, and family means that no one is left behind. 


Update #3
March 3, 2022
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Thanks to your compassion and generosity, Cooper was seen for his evaluation by the behaviorist today. His medications have been adjusted and we were able to fill them today. Receipts for everything today are listed in the image gallery so that you can see what you helped us to accomplish! 

We are currently awaiting Dr. Hauser’s recommendations for specialized trainers in our area so that we can continue his rehabilitation. Once we get that information we will share it with you.

Please consider sharing our link as his ongoing care will be several thousand dollars and we can’t pull this off without the generous help of others. 

Sincerest thanks,

Cooper and the Omatick’s ♥️

Update #2
March 1, 2022
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Cooper’s behaviorist appointment is tomorrow. We are hopeful that we will get good news, so please keep praying for him. Thanks to your generous donations, we raised enough for his initial evaluation which is $400. 

He has run out of anxiety medication and we can not find a vet willing to help with his medication until after his behaviorist evaluation tomorrow. The last two days have been extremely rough and his anxiety was through the roof. He finished destroying his wire crate and I had to order a heavy duty one today. We received his wire muzzle and weighted back pack yesterday. They were recommended in the meantime by the behaviorist. The weighted backpack helps to burn off excess energy and anxiety on his evening walks. 

Please continue to share this link as the costs keep piling up. Every bit helps and is greatly appreciated! This is likely going to cost over $3,000 dollars. Pictures of purchased supplies are posted in the image section and will be updated as they accumulate.

Again, thank you so much for the shares, prayers and donations! It means so much to our family. ♥️

Update #1
February 23, 2022
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I would like to express heartfelt thanks for all of the shares, prayers and donations so far! I called the behaviorist this morning and we were able to get Cooper’s evaluation moved up to next Wednesday, March 2nd at 1:30! The donations so far will cover half of the remaining $300 for that visit, and for that we are beyond grateful! Thank you!  I will have a better idea of long term cost after our visit next week and I will provide documentation and an update as soon as I have the information. We are still awaiting medication recommendations and I will update that as well when I get that information. Again, thank you for helping us to Save Cooper ♥️


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