Road to Gold...MR ATLAS 2022 Team USA Campaign.

"he who is within me, is greater than he who is of this world"

Winning Pro Status (again) in our 40's is a pipe dream for many who are without the knowledge that "with GOD, all is possible" and HE is who I give credit and glorification to, in allowing me to become a GBO- Pro Athlete on HIS time!

I am the first CANADIAN-AMERICAN GBO-PRO and will be representing both Canada and America while under the TEAM USA flagship.

The last time I stepped on a Pro Bodybuilding/Fitness stage was over 22yrs ago and in August of 2021, GOD graciously guided me to a victory in HIS honor to earn pro status once again.

I knew it would happen again some day and continued to wait, continued to PRAY and continued to train so that I would be ready for when the time came. was certainly agonizing at times but GOD'S timing is always perfect!

22yrs later at the age of 43yrs, I got the call. God said "it is time" and I am so grateful and thankful that HE made me wait.

There is much to the sport of Bodybuilding that many presume to know and/or know little of but what can be said of this "sport/art/craft" is that it is one of, if not the most extreme sport in the world! Like many "extreme sports" many factors contribute to the life/safety of an athlete and rules to ensure safety to its highest level is mandatory.

I chose the organization that I did (Global Bodybuilding Organization) because it offers both Tested/Untested Amateur and Pro status and with a focus of keeping the athletes healthy!

A health-first attitude, is something I have stuck to for quite some time knowing full well that this sport asks us to sacrifice greatly in order to reach extremely low levels of body fat while maintaining: Symmetry, Proportion, Muscularity, Size and Conditioning.

With 27yrs in the Health and Fitness Industry I have accumulated vast knowledge and expertise in "optimal human performance" and have been blessed to have worked with pro/collegiate athletes in various sports along side having several I've worked with in the Bodybuilding/Fitness world of competition.

The sport at times,does have biases (prefer mass monster or super shredded) but it's lessened by particular judging criteria for each division. Nothing is perfect and its a similar system to that of Olympic Figure Skating or Gymnastics.

The Goal For 2022: is to win my Pro Debut in April and win my first Mr. Atlas title in December!

In doing so, I will have accomplished earning my Pro Card, Pro Debut and First Atlas Victories within a time period of roughly 16 months.

Interestingly enough, I will be 3 different ages within that 16 months just based on my birthday being on September 11th and thus 43yrs (Pro Card), 44yrs (Pro Debut) and 45 (1st Atlas) which is something likely to not ever to be repeated.

It would also appear that I would be the oldest Pro Men's Bodybuilder to win the Mr. Atlas Title ever!!!

Where does your contribution/sponsorship come in to play, you ask?

Well, the price of competing is staggering and for those of us in the PRO-Men's Bodybuilding Division it adds up between $5K-$8K to prepare for a single show!!!

The later allowing an athlete to take care of all the expenses including: travel/accommodations as well as possibly a week off from "work" to ensure the finishing touches to the physique presented on game day are spectacular. There is a ton of Mental and Physical stress to undergo in the weeks (10-20weeks) leading up to the competition which is why financial support goes such a long way.

Joining my TEAM and becoming a " Pro Athlete Sponsor" is a unique experience, perfect for "the true bodybuilding fan and of course CANADIAN-AMERICAN PATRIOT" to actually take part in the CAREER of a Pro Athlete and having the opportunity to literally say "That's My Pro".

I am also in the process of seeking out and interviewing small and large businesses for sponsorship (in and outside of the health/fitness industry) and have a strong preference of companies with a high level of Integrity!

The goal is to hit $33,000 for the 2022 season since I have a desire to do at least 3 of 5 shows that will work within my schedule and most importantly, allow me to represent TEAM USA and win some of the titles back from the Brits!

However $77,000 would be my "dream amount" that would afford me the opportunity to focus almost solely on my career as a PRO Bodybuilder (like any Pro Athlete would want to be able to do) while carrying a smaller roster of clients (work) to ensure my MIND, BODY & SPIRIT can be prepared to win the biggest World Title in my organization.

I'm in the best shape of my life, I am in the best mindset in decades and my spirit is filled with wanting to glorify my King, Jesus Christ through Pro Sport!

Whether you have $10 or $1,000 (your talking to a guy that believes in the power of PRAYER) to contribute and become a "sponsoring member of my TEAM" I am forever grateful to you and what you can give!!!

Are you ready to join me on the ROAD to GOLD...MR. ATLAS 2022?

I'm ready to welcome you in my world of PRO BODYBUILDING and becoming YOUR athlete.

When WE (GOD and I) step on stage we are there to WAR victoriously and having you share in those moments would be even further blessing!!!

I'm glad you took the time to learn about me and I am grateful for your consideration of sponsorship!

You can follow me @: thefitcigarguy or alpha_armada_gbopro on Instagram or thefitcigarguy on TikTok until I get my website updated and special IG account for this journey.

Thank you and BE BLESSED!

Your Pro,

James Moncherry

*Donations will come up as "TEAM JAMES Sponsor" on your Credit/Debit Card and/or "Sponsor"*