Hi, my name is Kent and I write about things that are important to me (and maybe to a few of you). I would like to branch out a little with a different sort of product review, but I need your help.

The cover picture shows my firemaking set. I've made videos and posts reviewing the different tools it holds and demonstrating how they work. I have another case similar to the one shown above, but it is empty (thus no photo) and I need extra money to buy the tool to place in it before I can review it.

What I'm looking to buy and review is a Diamondback rotating cylindrical liberty pill dispenser of a new design*. (If you don't understand English words and history, please don't donate to this fundraiser.) I need about $350 total to cover all the expenses involved with getting the tool to review and the cost of reviewing it. Even with this, it may take a little while to find one in stock somewhere, since they are scarce due to supply chain issues and high demand.

Thank you for your consideration.

*It's a Diamondback Sidekick. Do a websearch if you're unsure what that is.
I would like one to review and to have, and I want it to introduce my daughter to the sport. It has less kick than larger guns, so would be perfect for a newbie.
Other, more well-known crowdfunding sites, wouldn't understand this need. I have hopes that the users here will, and will not only approve, but will help.