Arrival:Jan 30th 2022

Departure: Freedom - TBA

Jan 30th-Feb 3: sleep in truck

Feb 4-current :sleep in eclosed trailer

(bought in Gatineau Feb 4rd)

Trusting God for funds to fuel my vehicle, heat my enclosed trailer and offer help where needed. 

I left my hometown of Aurora to assist here in Ottawa.

I've been praying and seeking The Lord for direction, as each day is changing but His love is unchanging!

so I trust fully in my Saviour Jesus Christ and I'm here to fulfill the will of God and fear no man.I Fear the Lord.

One of my tasks at the moment :

 Security at base camp.maintaining equipment fuel between shifts and running downtown to help during the weekdays.

My main purpose is to be on fire for Jesus, Burning with all consuming Fire and proclaim, declare and shout the praises and love of Jesus everywhere, boldly. holy boldness and repentant heart declaring The Kingdom of God is at hand.

I'm not a street corner preacher.

I make personal friendships, relationships and I point to Jesus only. I want everyone to know Jesus and encourage all to fulfill their call/ destiny on earth.

The Lords kingdom come, His will be done on earth as it is in Heaven.

Let NO MAN deceive you!

God keep you!