Update: So hubby came home today after 3 weeks of being in Ottawa and sleeping in his pickup. The group he was in decided to pull out when when police started bashing heads, smashing windows and seizing vehicles with 0 chance to get them back. Of course his employer has decided to let him go so he is unemployed which is a small cost for Freedom. Any help is greatly appreciated, God Bless

My Husband is a truck driver attending the convoy in Ottawa, Ontario. he has been there since Jan 29th. I was not able to attend as I am raising our 5 year old Grandson. I am only able to work part time due  to medicals issues expected with a 55 year old Diabetic. With him being in Ottawa for so long he is not able to contribute to the running of the household. I am struggling to feed ourselves and keep the bills up to date while he has no income fighting for our Canadian rights and freedoms. I just need a bit of help until he comes home. You can watch his vidoes on Youtube,  windmoor.com