My name is Denton Gross Jr. I am a 52 year old father of 4 and grandfather of 5. I have been married to my wife Stephanie since 1994. Two of our Four children still live at home. Our oldest daughter Allison serves in the US Air Force and is currently station in Germany. She also has twin girls. Her younger sister Alexandra has been married to her husband Terry since she was 18 and has three children of her own. Our two boys are Denton III and Dylan. Our family has been blessed to stay healthy through most of the COVID pandemic even though I work directly with the public in sales. I was deemed essential and continued to be exposed throughout the pandemic. Unfortunately our good fortune came to an end last month as Stephanie and myself were both diagnosed with COVID at the same time. Fortunately for us we only experienced major flue type symptoms and did not need expensive medical care. However I still missed 3 weeks of work with no compensation. I've continued to experience lingering symptoms which have hurt my ability to preform my job duties at a high level. We are asking for assistance catching up our bills from last month so we can continue supporting our family. We appreciate any help you can give. We are also giving 5% of all donation to GiveSendGo to help keep the site operating for those in need. Thank you to everyone in advance. Thank you GoSendGo for being there to support people in need.