Hi guys,

My name is Maria Mik,
I'm a Toronto based fine art photographer/ videographer.
Recently, I have been thinking a lot about our beautiful planet and how it is being damaged by our careless use of plastic. Plastic pollution is affecting the world in the most terrible ways, contributing to the global warming crisis, and putting us all in danger of loosing our habitat due to our uneducated actions. I would like to film a documentary to raise awareness about this problem.
I am well aware that there are many documentaries out there. I also know that the only people who watch them are already enthusiastic environmentalists. That is why my goal is to reach out to the hearts of the people who have never bothered to think about plastic pollution, have never done their research, or given it a thought. With my movie I want to speak to those who don’t care yet.
I'm planning to film this documentary with a unique approach that incorporates fine art photography, and I am sure to make it interesting for everyone.
Most people don't even know where their garbage is taken after it gets in their garbage bin, that’s why the purpose of this fine art documentary is to educate, raise awareness, and make people think critically, so that together we can reduce the consumption of plastic in the world.
However, I can’t do it alone! I need your help: all contributions, big or small, will make a difference, and together we can make this world a better place.

If you wish to get to know more about my creative journey, here are some links to my social media accounts:

Heart-felt thank you for your interest and support of the project.
Maria Mik