My 93 year old father, a devout Nazarene, is having health issues. 
He was scammed out of life savings a while back after having taught Jr. high for 35+ years. He lovingly restored a '63 Impala and just recently asked me to find a buyer. I want to keep this in to have in his memory when he passes, so I'm heartbroken that he wants to sell it. I'm a disabled Navy Vet and have extremely limited funds myself. Dad has worked hard all his life and it saddened me when I found out about his being scammed...Mom has been by his side since they were married in 1949 and she too is saddened by these events, but is hanging tough like the strong woman she is. I can only hope to raise the amount that he could get by selling the car so it can be kept in the family. Thank you and God bless