I've been in for straits since the first of this year I am still waiting for a disability determination and an a veteran of the Navy. One of my teenage children live with me and I can only get food stamps for one person my ex-wife has primary conservatorship. I currently owe$892 in past due rent and utilities. I live in an RV and with everything going on at this time I'm lost I'll be 61 years old next month. I've reached out to local churches and even people from my home church. I need help I'm panicked as I have a major depressive disorder diagnosed through the VA and anxiety and a form of agoraphobia I am extremely uncomfortable in a public environment and dread even going to Walmart which is 3 miles from where I livei love in a small town at the edge of town please anybody that can and will help please please please help as the address strain only worsens my condition. 

Thank you,

Michael s. Troxel