My dad Tim fell ill with Covid and ended up in the hospital due to issues of not being able to breath. He was in the hospital 4 days when they decided that they needed to put him in a ventilator. He is currently still on a vent and is making improvements daily. But he still has a very long road of recovery ahead of him. The doctor has said that he will probably need to go to a rehabilitation center after he gets out of the hospital to help him regain his fine motor skills. 
Tim is the sole provider in the home right now and he is self employed. So there is no money coming in while he is recovering.  When we asked about some sort of disability the hospital said he has to be considered disabled for 1 year before he can get any sort of disability. We anticipate that he won’t be able to work for awhile once he gets home. 
Each day he is in the hospital the bills are racking up. Unfortunately their monthly bills don’t stop while he is recovering. They do have insurance but we are not sure what they will or will not cover at this point in time.
This is why I decided to try to raise some money. Any help would be appreciated. Tim and Paula will receive every penny that is donated. If you can’t donate please help us by praying for a full and speedy recovery.