Grandma needs a few huge greenhouses this year. The food shortage is coming and she needs to preserve as much food as possible. Grandma has been retired now for a few years, and has a very low income to support herself with, her pension is under $1,000 per month and has to keep up with her mortgage and groceries, and is finding it very difficult. She can’t bend like she used to, so she needs two or three green houses that have self-watering units. Then she has less to worry about. Some of her friends need help as well, so in order to help them too she has to do a lot of planting. Grandma doesn’t have a lot of money for seed either, the seeds will cost anywhere from $1.89 to $3.00 Grandma wants everyone to have an idea of what she would like to buy. Here is a link to a Greenhouse she would like. It is ultra-convenient and one of the houses has a thermostat control for heat and starting seeds.    She also needs to put fertilizer in the soil and also aerate the soil so it’s not too heavy for the seeds beginning to sprout. This would be a dream come true for her! Here’s grandma if she can’t do her gardening, and can’t grow enough food. She is in tears.          She doesn’t trust the food in the store anymore. Therefore she has limited food. She also wants to help anyone else that is having trouble putting fresh food on the table. When grandma finds she has enough food left over, she plans to sell the food at reasonable costs, so all people in her town will get a break financially. Grandma will need the greenhouses in the month of April, 2022 in order for her to find someone to put them up. Make Grandma smile and happy! She will enjoy the fresh food. Thank you all for your help.