My 1 year old Granddaughter suffers many types of seizures due to cordical dysplasia.  She was scheduled last year for surgery to remove the half of her brain that seizes, before it teaches the other side to also seize. Due to covid protocols,  this surgery has been pushed back a few times. She was rushed to SickKids last night as none of the prescribed medications were helping and she was having non stop seizures.  She is being given medication to keep her sleeping as the seizures don't usually occur when she is asleep. We are hoping this recent round of uncontrollable seizures will get her the surgery sooner rather than later in hopes of her having any sort of a normal life. After surgery she will spend many months in a rehabilitation facility to retrain her to eat and adjust to functioning with only half a brain. We are also dealing with her brother having an aggressive leukemia that is being treated at SickKids with high doses of chemotherapy that will span 30 months.  

It is unimaginable that a family would have not one,  but two children seriously ill. 

Throughout this I have been by my daughter's side helping my daughter cope with these terrible illnesses my grandchildren have. I have not worked in almost a year so I can devote my time to my family.  Unfortunately I am now at risk of losing my home, vehicle and everything I have worked so hard for in my life. I am hoping that the kindness of others will assist me in keeping my home,  and allow me to continue being by my daughter and grandchildrens side so I can help them through these difficult times. My family means everything to me.