My name is Brenda, I am appealing for help in relocating my rescue animals from the UK to Hungary in the next two months as I have to leave the cottage I am staying in because the owner is moving back in. My family in Hungary have a small holding where I can take my animals to, but it is just transporting them there. My family cannot afford to help me. I would be devastated if I needed to rehome my babies because they are my family and most of them are in their golden years already. Over the last two years I have hit a rough spot financially during the pandemic. I lost all my clientelle from grooming and dog walking plus a job offer fell through during lockdowns. I had some money set aside for the relocation of my pets but one of my older girls Tiffany- a wire haired jack russel, got cancer last year and all the funds went for her treatment. She unfortunately passed away after months of taking meds and trying to save her life. The money I am earning now only keeps us in food and rent. Any help would be appreciated. I will keep you updated on my babies when they get to Hungary. I have 12 rescue dogs- 6 chihiahuas, 4 miniature schnauzers and 2 pugs, two cats and two rabbits. Most of them are rescues either adopted from a shelter or found abandoned. 

More about my fur babies. Topsy is a white chihuahua who was found tied to a chain. Her teeth are not good because she was kicked in the mouth and who knows what other abuse she went through, when I adopted her she had been to many foster homes and passed on because she was snappy. I was the last chance at rehoming her or they were euthanise her. I persevered and got her right. She has been with me for 9 years now. Coco a black chihuahua was abandoned by her owner. She had severe seperation disorder when she came here. My two cats Timmy and Thomasina-both tabbies, were just left outside when their owner moved. There was another girl cat Mary, who has sadly passed since. I took them all in. My rabbit Agatha was found near death at the side of the road. I took her and nursed her back to health. She was pregnant and I have her daughter Clementine as well. All my dogs are in or nearing their golden years.

Please take a chance to read through and share if possible. Any prayers would also be appreciated.

Many thanks and God bless.