I’m tired.  I’m tired of the too big to fail banks preying on homeowners like lambs in an open meadow.  I’m also tired of leaving a Volkswagen size dent in my couch, but that’s a discussion for a later date.  

    My name is Gary. My friends call me GareBear. I’ve personally experienced 20+ years of being a struggling homeowner. I’ve been in foreclosure a few times for various reasons, none of which define me as a person. There’s always a top to a roller coaster and there’s always a bottom. The bottom is where you feel the most pressure.   Many of us are stuck at the bottom.

    I feel that the guidance and direction of our lives starts in the home. Also,I feel in order to survive as a contributing member of society, your home has to be the foundation and security for you and those that you protect. The purpose of all of this is to provide affordable home ownership through a 10 year owner financed mortgage of renovated, code compliant and cost efficient homes. Good people struggle everyday to support their loved ones and pay rent to landlords who have no interest in your personal growth or the property they’re renting to you.  

     I will be transitioning to a Southern state to try and make my dreams come true by making other people’s dreams come true. I’m talking about beautiful homes under 100k that homeowners can pay off in 10 years with payments comparable or less than average rent prices.  It can be done and I will prove it.

     I want to give everyone the option to build generational wealth through modest means.  I have no interest in interest.  The profit, from a business standpoint, comes from equity that’s re-built into the home.  I’m not trying to get rich. I’ve had a 100k a year job, It didn’t change me. I will be as transparent with finances as legally allowable.  The sale price will be divided into 10 years. The mortgage payment will include insurance and taxes to secure assets from fire, flood etc. until deed transfer.

     My vision includes a non-invasive homeowners association for nearby homeowners to build a better community. Everyone who can live within their means deserves the right to be a homeowner. 

     I’ve just started a social media presence on Twitter, Gab, and Rumble. I will be starting a YouTube channel in the future.  Search for GareBearCares if you would like to communicate.   I encourage corporate donations, but don’t expect me to succumb to the all mighty dollar. My integrity is worth more to me than the national debt.

    I realize and understand your apprehension, but please believe me when I say, I will pursue these goals regardless of donations. I very much need the support to initialize the project,  but I will focus on the goal, not the road that gets us there.  

     It’s much easier to drive yourself forward if you know someone has your back.  America, I have your back.