I'm asking for help .25 at a time , even if that's what you can afford I respect, helps for my brother. He's a very proud veteran that served three tours overseas. He's now fighting cancer and could not pass his last physical to keep working. And he tried taking the exam several times.  He'd rather die than ask for help paying his rent, utilities and groceries. People think veterans are taken care of in America. I absolutely declare that is not true! There is no aid, financial help and the VA hospitals are worse than 3rd world hospitals! I've taken him enough times to know what I'm saying! A veterinarian would've treated him better! He's potentially 2 months behind on his bills. I am not positive. I know how he is. Vets will not ask for help! They are our defenders! He would step in front of live fire for any citizen.He's already done it multiple times.Thats who he is.