God has blessed us with some pretty incredibly gifted children.  Our hope is that God will be glorified through the gifts that He has given them.  

Ethan has been accepted into the Royal Ballet School Summer Intensive in London England.  RBS is one of the most prestigious ballet schools in the world.  This is a dream for many ballet students to attend.  Funds will help cover registration costs and travel expenses for his two weeks of training at RBS.  

Ethan has also been invited to the YAGP Intensive Program at Nervi Festival in Genoa Italy in JUNE where he will get to take classes from elite international teachers and be seen by top schools and companies from around the world. Funds will help cover travel expenses for flights and hotel for one week.  

These opportunities are invaluable to young people pursing a professional career in ballet.  This will allow him to continue pursing his  passion and honoring the talents God has given him.  

Sidenote:  if you know me personally you will understand that we are doing everything we can to be frugal with the money God has given us and find ways to cut costs to a minimal.  

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