Harold “Trail” Hulgan, simply put, is in need of monies for hospital bills. He was shot through his car door in his hip, the bullet chipping a bone and narrowly missing his spinal cord. He’s in a wheelchair now and the bullet is still in him due to the possible hazard of removing it. Harold is a staunch defender of humanity, zealous patriot, loving Christian, and an outspoken proponent of truth. From leading “Trump Trains”  and intersection rallies, to solo missions to expose deceptions and malpractices; from private enterprises to government agencies, in a committed effort to expose government overreach, tyranny, and lies.  Truly a man who has made it a personal mission to speak out in defense for all peoples, and all nations. Our goal is to alleviate the financial burden of so deserving a soul not only for himself but for his wife and family as well. Please join this effort  to help undergird our dear brother in his time of need. Thank you in advance and may the Lord return it to you a hundredfold. Peace and blessings to all.