Our employer, Ideal Roofing, has decided to place employees on undetermined unpaid leave as of January 15, 2022 for not following the new vaccine mandate policy. If the union takes the case to arbitration, where there is no guarantee of winning, there is a 49 days or more waiting period. Employees and their families have to wait at least to the middle of March to find out if they stay on unpaid leave or are allowed back to work.

The workers and their families are left facing not having money for essentials in the short term, and long term financial difficulties for not accepting the mandatory Covid-19 vaccine. If we lose in arbitration we are facing losing our job permanently or we have to be fully vaccinated to keep our employment.

Why not find another job you may ask?

It's not so easy many companies are requiring mandatory vaccinations as well.

This campaign is to help employees replace weeks of lost earnings with donations from kind and understanding donors.

When the initial goal is reached, God willing, the money will be disbursed equally to every worker affected by this unpaid leave.  Will update donors when this event occurs. God bless.

On a more positive note the United States' Supreme Court just deemed unconstitutional the government's vaccine mandate.