My dad (Gary Bennett) is going through cancer treatments right now and is in the second stage of cancer treatments. He has a long road ahead of him with surgery and recovery still to come. 

My dad went through two months of chemo treatments from Oct-Dec of 2021 and was supposed to have had surgery afterwards. We ended up finding out that the treatment didn't help shrink the tumor enough so they are now having to do a more rigorous plan. This plan will include 6 weeks of radiation 5x a week and chemo which we are not sure how often yet. 

My parents will be staying at a hotel that is associated with the Cancer treatment center but there is a daily rate that they have to pay during their time there. All of this is an extra cost on top of what has already been spent from the past several months so this is something that we are trying to do to help ease some of the financial burden they have had to take on.

My siblings Cynthia Sims, Paul Bennett, Flora Duran and I are all wanting to help relieve some of these extra costs coming up to help cover some of these expenses. 

We appreciate all the prayers and letters of encouragement that have been sent to him and we still covet your prayers for our parents during this time!