Hello. Thank you for taking the time to read my story. I am a domestic violence victim; during the lockdown for COVID, the frequency and severity of assaults I endured from my partner increased greatly. The physical toll it has taken pales in comparison to the psychological effects I grapple with daily. Constant vigilance, fear and anticipation have worn me down considerably.

The situation has now progressed to the point where I am truly fearful for my safety and praying my life is not at risk. I am reaching out here for help to relocate to a safe space. 

I found out a few days ago I am pregnant. I am overjoyed but also very scared. I want my baby to have the best life and don’t want to tell my husband for fear of losing another pregnancy (previous assault lead to miscarriage). Terminating the pregnancy is not an option for me. I am 100% pro-life and this little girl is already my world.

Any help is most appreciated. If you are unable to help financially I completely understand. 

Any donations will be used for:

  • relocation to a safe place
  • a few sets of warm clothes (colder part of winter where I am living)
  • a coat
  • winter boots
  • a room/place to stay
  • food
  • toiletries
  • bedding
  • prenatal care, hospital costs for the birth, diapers, baby clothes, toys, bottles, a crib, a car seat, and toys 

I humbly ask that you lift myself and my baby up in prayer before the Lord. I am surrendering myself to Him and seeking His guiding light.

Thank you for reading. It means the world.