My brother and his wife are in such a situation that I felt compelled to reach out to our Christian family to try to help in any way financially possible.  Andy, 69 years old has had several issues with his health, such as a stroke which still has had residual effects, but more recently, in October, he suffered from heat exhaustion, and fortunately...that event led to the discovery of a leaking   aortic   aneurysm repair, that was originally repaired in 2019.. So he had that repair.  December 3rd, he had an accident cutting his hand so badly that required 22 stitches, and then a second surgery is scheduled to repair 12 severed tendons that were missed when it was first attended to.  He had just gotten out of the hospital from the hand repair, when he had to be rushed to the hospital with an emergency hernia strangulation surgery on Christmas Day evening.  He was released from the hospital on New Years Day, then rushed back to the hospital on Jan. 2, with a blockage in the intestines.   In the meantime, his wonderful wife Melinda, who is a schoolteacher at Central High School in Little Rock, Arkansas is helping her daughter who is in a high-risk pregnancy. Melinda is helping with the grandchildren who is a disabled toddler while her daughter is in and out of the hospital.  She is due for a C Section on January 29.  Meanwhile, Melinda is out of all paid leave from her job, so there is no income, and Andy draws small . retirement. Please pray and ask God if you are to help them our financially, just to have income to live on during this time in their lives.  Both of them are such givers and helpers.