We are fighting to keep open my autistic son's (Simon) foster home. He has been with Diane Wilford since he was 17 years old. He is now 21. Diane has helped him grow beyond all our wildest hopes and dreams but Oregon has tried for 4 years to shut her down. Using lies, false allegations, multiple investigations from various agencies where nothing but a vindictive persons word was used to take us to court. My son was talking, verbal, social before Oregon's witch hunt began. He is now regressing back to previous behaviors again. He is depressed and his violent behaviors that Diane helped him overcome have returned. Oregon and Yamhill County have broken rules, violated agreements to further push the agenda to take my son out of a loving home that has dogs, horses, and other animals  force him (and the other young man living there) into a state facility. Please help us fight Oregon system!

If you care about an individuals right to choose love and safety instead of the government pushing its agenda, please help us raise money to hire a lawyer to fight Oregon's corrupt foster system! 

We have been battling this fight for 4 years. We have exhausted all normal options. Our last recourse is through legal means to keep the home open while a new license is processed. We finally found an attorney who is willing to fight for us, but we are asking for help to pay his retainer fee of $5k.

Both young men need to regain the stability of the home. The State of Oregon and Yamhill County don't care about the wishes of the young men or of their legal guardians. They have made a high level of anxiety a constant for them, the foster mom, and for the natural parents. All we want is for them to be with their second mom Diane Wilford.