I am trying to raise funds for my best friend of 20 years. She is such a caring giving person. She has struggled through life with addictions and illnesses and was almost a lost cause. A year ago she decided to start taking life seriously and started working on becoming a productive citizen. She came up with a really good action plan to change her thinking and perspective on life. She worked on changing her beliefs and reprogramming her subconscious mind to work in alignment with her desires. I have watched her completely change her mindset and create goals and follow through with them. She earned a degree in Business management in half the time it would normally take and she has been studying to become a life coach. She is working two jobs and attempting to make extra cash online with print on demand and affiliate marketing but is struggling coming up with the money. to go through a treatment program to better secure her recovery. I think it would be a great start to becoming a great life coach and mentor. She wants to be able to go through a good program and document every step of the way so that she can better assist others in the process.  She plans to offer low-cost services since the people she is choosing to help usually struggle financially. It is hard to find a good affordable coach for addictions and individuals in the system. She wants this so badly and it is great seeing her find something in life that motivates her to stay clean and headed in a positive direction.