JESUSSAVES - He'll Heal Our Land

Hello Dear Saints of God, 

A few weeks ago, my brethren and I were holding our weekly fellowship meeting when the Lord impressed it heavily on my heart that we needed to take the message of Jesus Christ's salvation to all of Brooklyn, New York. As soon as I mentioned it, one of the sisters in the fellowship said the Lord also mentioned it to her!! confirming that God wanted us to do this. (2 Corinthians 13:1). The Lord has placed this burden in our hearts and there is a lot of Urgency to get this completed. 

All over the city of Brooklyn, there are numerous billboards filled with depressing messages that don't uplift the hearts of the residents. There are over 2 million people living in Brooklyn who are exposed to NO message of hope especially in the times we are living in. On the faces of so many, we can see the depression and despair on the faces of the people. We are seeing young teenagers with no direction, in need of a REAL LOVE & CHANGE in their lives. Only the Lord Jesus can fill this void.

The Lord Jesus is coming back again and Brooklyn needs Jesus! We want to take the territory of Brooklyn for Jesus. One of the avenues to pass the message of Faith, Hope and Love is using Billboards. One billboard alone has the potential of reaching over 100,000 people within a given day which translates to about 500,000 people a week - THIS IS HUGE OPPORTUNITY FOR THE GOSPEL!

In the initial phase, our plan is to place one Poster Billboard on the corner of NOSTRAND AVENUE and South of CHURCH AVENUE. This Billboard measures 10' 6" x 22'  and costs $2,500 for 4 weeks. 

We would then scale up to 2 other prime locations: ATLANTIC AVENUE  SL 75F W OF UTICA AVENUE  and GOWANUS EXPWY @PROSPECT EXPWY MERGE

We intend using certain uplifting catch phrases from the Rhapsody of Realities Daily Devotional on the Poster which would have a call to action where callers would be redirect to our call center with an opportunity to receive Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and also to receive free copies of the Rhapsody of Realities devotional. They will get the opportunity to pray with our counsellors as well (We welcome other suggestions from YOU on impactful catch phrases we can adopt throughout this project)

The goal is to start with one Poster Billboard in February 2022 and increase to other billboards as the months roll by. We see this as a HUGE Soulwinning Opportunity and we'll appreciate donations from believers who share the same passion with us in ensuring that we can turn our city to righteousness. 

We may not be able to see  or appreciate the full impact of this initiative until when we stand before the Lord Jesus one day and He praises Us for being Audacious with this project here on earth. 

Join Us in amplifying JESUS IN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK by Helping us sponsor a BILLBOARD!

JESUSSAVES - He'll Heal Our Land. 

God bless you. Amen

Links to Some Catch Phrases below: 

Sample Message

Sample Message 2

Sample Message 3