I live in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, because there are so many agnostics, nihilists and people that just go along to get along there is so much compliance it makes me physically ill. They don't want to fight or even resist these horrendous illegal "mandates" mask or jab related. 
  For all of my brother's and sister's that have read beyond what you're pastor may have ask you to read or look into; prophecy is a huge part of God's Word and always has been. He promised His Word would last tell the end. As we nearing that end, the end of the number of days God saw fit to cures Adam and his progeny too toil upon the earth intel His Son Yahshua (Jesus) would come back, raising from the ground His saints and relieving all of His mixed multitudes of their flesh.
   In these days I out right refuse too bend my knee too anyone of flesh, the only one worthy of praise and worship is YAWH (God The Father) and Yahshua (Jesus The Son)
  I have not been able to work for almost 2 years now, as well as being Kicked out of the gym, sadly I have had to ask for help from my parents one of whom (my dad) is a paraplegic has been unable to work for the past 5+ years.
   I know there are millions (if not billions) of loving helping Christian's out there all around the world that are blessed and able to help their brother's and sister's that are like me, unable too work unable too function essentially in the city.
   If this fund raiser is blessed by God and raises enough money that I am able to move out of this city into a place that is out in the valley where I can have a small patch of land to live on, possibly a small garage I can set up an old welder in and start to work again for myself.
  If you have read through this, even if you are not compelled to donate; I love you and I pray that you continue to be blessed and happy as we await our 
James 1:1