Thursday evening Cheryl returned home from getting some dinner, 2 pitbulls attacked another older female pitbull in front of Cheryl’s home. Cheryl proceeded to get out of her car and rushed to the fight to break the dog fight up. The older female that was being attacked started to run away and the other Pitbulls gave chase. During this situation the neighbor came outside to see what was going on and came to help break up the dog fight. Once the dogs ran off the neighbor's attention turned to make sure Cheryl was okay, but at this time Cheryl had walked back into her yard and collapsed, which ended up being a severe heart attack. The Neighbor which is a Nurse administered CPR correctly for 10 minutes until first responders arrived. The first responders took over as they loaded her onto the EMS vehicle, however first responders continued to give CPR for over 25 minutes on top of the 10 minutes of CPR administered prior to their arrival. After 35 minutes of no heartbeat, Cheryl's heart come back to life. Cheryl was rushed to the local emergency room, where she would be intubated and put under sedation. While being checked out by the ER Physicians, it also came to light that she had an 2 other infections as well. Cheryl has been sedated and on assisted breathing for a day and a half since 6:30 pm December 16, 2021. Cheryl's daughter which had been in town earlier that day and joined her mother for lunch and a little shopping states that Cheryl was doing great and was in good spirits, had good color, was relaxed and very happy and showed no signs of any issues, has been with her every minute that she has been allowed in her room during visiting hours. At 8:30 am on the 17th her daughter arrived at the start of visitation and noticed that Cheryl had a low-grade fever of 100.0 which remained that was until 3:30 when her Cardiologist arrived to check on her and was perplexed as to why the low-grade fever was not addressed at anytime during the day. He promptly changed the orders of the admitting Physician in the ER and wanted her cooled down to a body temperature of 91.0 and than once that number had been reached would slowly warm her back to a normal body temp, so that no other cell death and damages would occur to her brain. Her Cardiologist informed Cheryls daughter that his plan was to get Cheryls temperature down, slowly warm her up, keep her vital stable and continue to treat her infections and to monitor her overnight and if all of this could be achieved that the following day on the 18th they would try to slowly take her out of sedation and hope to get her breathing on her own once awake. Once she was able to beat unassisted for 24 hours, then they would start to do more testing to see what brain damage had occurred due to the lack of oxygen and blood flow to the brain and the rest of her body! He also stated that mare testing along with a heart catheter would be done later next week depending on how she is doing, if they are indeed able to wake her successfully without causing her to panic and have another heart attack. The Cardiologist stated that the biggest hurdle is the brain damage that may have been sustained during her heart attack and that that information will not show until they attempt to wake her from sedation and are able to take her breathing tube out. As of 12:15 am on the 18th Cheryls family are hoping and praying that Cheryl.will be able to be woken up from sedation without any issues but understand that the percentage is not the greatest and that irreparable damage to the brain is most likely. 

This fundraiser is to help.with medical expenses not covered along with helping with Cheryl’s bills. Cheryl is a very independent woman and this will be the hardest situation she has ever had to overcome and her family are hoping that she can but also understand the reality of the situation and that she may need 24/7 care in her home when she returns if she can pull through the next few days. 

Any amount of a donation is greatly appreciated. Whatever is not spent on Bills or her Medical expenses will be donated to another family that are experiencing they same type of situation where something horrific has occurred and are needing some help to make it through.

Cheryl's family truly believes the Lord has been in the run with themselves and Cheryl during this heartbreaking occurrence and they are thankful to the Lord for watching over Cheryl and providing strength even when it feels as though their is absolutely no more strength in their bodies.