December 11, 2021


Hi Everyone,

This year has been challenging for me. I had surgery last year on December 22, 2020 with diagnose of Stage 2 Clear Cell Carcinoma (ovarian cancer). I had surgery to remove the right ovary with the cyst. They wanted to do chemo and I said no. My two brothers had chemo and they both passed. I read many research books on cancer and chemo and decided not to do chemo. In 2021 started my healing. I developed a small growth outside of one of the incisions. I went to my oncologist and they said if they do a biopsy then I have to do Chemo. I said no Chemo. The growth became bigger.

I decided to go to Mexico to a Clinic to help with my situation. The cost was very expensive. I realized I was unable to take the monies to heaven. I was at the Clinic for 21 days.

I had many different treatments and IV treatments. After 21 days they gave a package of many instructions take home to continue the treatments and doing the therapies.

  1. came home and the growth has grown larger as the months pass by. It became as big as a golf ball. Then in June of this year I had the surgery to remove the golf size growth. My oncologist referred me to hospice. refused hospice.

One of my friends at the clinic I went to refer me to another clinic. I did the research and found I like what this clinic has to offer. They have some of the state of the art therapies that no other clinic has.

For six weeks I was at this clinic. They did a Pet Scan and they found two lymph nodes one in the left groin area near the crease of my leg and the other was on my left armpit that had the cancer so I had surgery to remove them. After removal I am in remission now. Yeah! Yeah! They also sent me home with a large package with supplements and vaccines that prevent the cancer from coming back.

Also, I had dental work done by a biological dentist in Mexico. He studied under Hal Huggins expert on dental problem and how save you teeth. I have read Huggins books on root canals and mercury filling are dangerous.

I will go back to the clinic in 3 months for follow up. I will go back to Mexico January or February of 2022.

I have not decided if I will go back to work. I do miss working at my job. I will see what happens from the follow up.

Also, I have doing a lot of praying for me and for everyone. I feel very blessed to be here and healthy. Thanks to God to show me the way. I am in trusted in him. Thank you for all your prayers.

It has been challenging in the cost of the medical expenses. If you can, please I need some help if you can. Thank you if you can help.

Take Care

Be Safe

Love you all

Happy Holidays


Li Xia Mock

I now live in San Jose. My mailing address is PO Box 56099, San Jose, CA 95156.