This Fundraiser is for the Machado family. 

On December 4th, 2021, Rosane and Marcelo Machado became victims of a random and senseless act of violence in their own home, in Wichita, KS. 
That day is described below by their daughter Quezia Rogers:

“My world was turned upside down.
Instead of the normal anniversary call from my mom, Rosane Machado, we awoke to an urgent tearful call from my brothers, Estevan in Brazil and Israel (who was visiting). In shock, they told us that mom had been killed and dad (Marcelo) was in the hospital with serious wounds. 
A man had stolen a car and crashed it near the family home in Wichita, Kansas. Fleeing the wreck, he broke into their backyard. 
Expecting a repairman, Mom opened the back door and the man burst in. 
Insisting people were chasing him, he refused to leave and then stabbed her neck. 
Hearing her cries, dad confronted the attacker saying, “what did you do to her?!” 
Mom lay curled in a ball from her wounds. 
Dad called out for help and tried to fight him off.  But the attacker stabbed him and struck him with a heavy metal pan before fleeing. 
When dad got to mom, she could only shake her head “no” as if to say, she wasn’t going to make it. 
Police and medics arrived. Dad heard one say “code red” and knew.  
When we finally spoke with Dad, he told me through tears of the senseless tragedy. 
Though still reeling with grief, he said, “I know ‘my redeemer lives’ and that she is in heaven.” 
He had watched the movie, Heaven Is For Real, four times this week for no apparent reason. It is based on true events at another Kansas town where a boy died on the operating table. He saw unexplainably accurate details of heaven, before being revived. In that hope, and the hope of Job, who lost all for no visible purpose, we are holding on. 
We are grateful that mom is finally beyond the pain of her cancer treatments. She had resumed chemo and was scheduled for surgery soon. That suffering is just history now. 
Dad is scheduled to be released soon from the hospital—having been cared for by friends from a local prayer group. So many family and friends are helping, giving, praying and lifting us. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and we trust our sorrow will heal. Please pray with us for justice and redemption for the troubled man who attacked her. 
Please pray for our family to process the loss of the most amazing wife, mother, grandmother, friend and righteous woman. She will be truly missed!”

Please note that one of their sons, Israel Machado, is a paramedic with the Sedgwick County EMS, and we would like to help his family as much as possible with the unexpected expenses they will have today and in the future. 

Specific needs we are facing now: 
Travel costs 
Celebration of Life Ceremony
Hospital bills for Dad 
Cleaning costs of the home / crime scene

Read the news report of the attack here: