As you know, my country is under economic crysis. Even if, I have graduated from a high rank university and I am working on a big company, the salary is Just enough to survive.

I made some debts to support my family. Now, I cannot afford my debts while I were making debts, I trusted to family but they suddenly turned back to me. 

Now, I am about to get marry but I do not have money to get marry. Moreover,  I could not afford my monthly debts. Hence, I cannot build up money for marriage costs. 

As an engineer, I am working on additional freelance design Jobs also to overcome my problem. In daytime, I am working at my official job. At the evenings, I am working for additional Jobs until midnight. I sleep 3-4 hours.
This situation is frustrating. I am so sorry and angry because I have graduated from a high rank university (Istanbul Technical University) and I am a skillful engineer but now I cannot afford my debts I cannot start my family. I cannot get marry with my love. I cannot dream for the future.

My name is Onur. My name means Honour in English. I am embarrassing while writing to you but I do not have any option.

I need only 35000USD to save my dreams. I am not a beggar but I am begging you. Please help me. It is not so much money for your organisation but It can completely change my life and save my dreams 

I can repay your kindly help. Maybe I can design something for you or whatever you want. I want to support your works your projects in future but before I need to overcome my problem. I feel straitened and losing power. I need to regain my power and stand-up.

I want to dream for the future. 

Thank you for giving a chance to me.

Best Regards,
Onur Uysal