Our US Senator from Vermont, Patrick Leahy has decided not to run for a 9th term. I, Mark Coester am making a run for US Senate in hopes to bring some common sense and traditional values to Washington DC. I plan to represent all the people of Vermont with honor and integrity. Nationally, it is upsetting for most Americans to see the constant bickering, finger pointing and blame games that go on in politics. It Is my opinon that our Representatives in the Government should at all times be working in the best interest of the people, not just power for the party. I am proud to be an American, and also grateful for the diversity of the American people. I have found true insight from many walks of life, as wisdom does not only exist among the elite. Vermont is a small state in a difficult situation with many challenges to face in the years to come. I have been here for 50 years now and to be certain, things have not gotten easier or better. It is my perception that as a US Senator I must also think of all the Americans and not just the people of Vermont. A bit about myself, I am a hard working man. A bit rough around the edges and perfectly willing to call BS, when it is thrown at me. And as for being a salesman to sell myself and convince people I am the best candidate... Let us begin with term limits for all government emloyees. Yes All !! On the lighter side , A great starting place is a chicken in every pot, and 100% Fair and Honest Elections with one vote for each citizen. Thank you.