This is Ryleigh Anne-Marie Rubright and she was born 8 weeks early due to preclampsia and has many complications going on with her but the biggest health concern right now is the bilateral hydronephrosis. I took ryleigh home from the hospital for a month after being in the NICU for 51 days after the month of being home I seen her hernia on her belly button was doubled in size and immediately took her to the er because she already had a huge stomach for such a tiny baby (it has gone down half in size in the last 3 days) so they weren't worried about her hernia because it would retract with no hardness and that was awesome however they admitted us immediately and that's where we've been since at wolfson's childrens hospital in Jacksonville Florida. They gave me basically one option to save her kidneys so she could one day live a normal life which is the hardest thing I've ever had to do but if not then she would go into kidney failure very soon and lose function of both kidneys. So yesterday we received a bilateral nephrostomy tube placement on each kidney and I kid u not my baby's stomach has gone down in half the size and it breaks my heart thinking of how much pain she's must of been in since birth. The nephrostomy had gone good so far and I unfortunately have went through my savings paying rent and hospital food because they don't feed you. I've created this which is also a very hard thing to do because it's hard for me to ask for help but it's needed at the moment. Any money given would not only be so greatly appreciated but will go straight to helping me continuing to care for my daughter. Thank you so much
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