On October 24, 2021 my husband Troy took his brother Dale to the hospital due to breathing issues. He was immediately admitted and was diagnosed with COVID-19. Dale is still in the hospital now almost 6 weeks later with no end in sight.  We were told he is the longest patient they have had with COVID at their facility.  It has severely damaged his lungs. His O2 levels plummet just moving him from bed to bathroom. He also has suffered body deterioration from just laying in bed. They are unable to do any type of physical therapy because of his lung damage right now. Dale will need to go to a rehab facility when he is released from hospital. At this point Dale may never work again and could be on oxygen forever after finally coming home. Due to being in the hospital for this length of time Dale has used all of his vacation time he had accrued. They have filed for Temp Disability which is only paying $150.00/week. This does not even cover his fixed bills much less groceries and normal necessities. If Dale can not return to work, he will also lose his health insurance. I am asking for donations to help us help Dale financially during his long road to recovery that is in front of him. Your kindness will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for any help you kindly give.
The Phillips Family.