Uber promised to pay drivers who fall ill with covid 19 for two weeks while they recover. After days of them playing games with me, and they had all the necessary documentation, they outright refused to cover me while I recover. They told me to send the documents, then denied me anyway.

I now have covid 19. I cough nonstop. The fevers taunt me around the clock. I became so dehydrated the other day that I passed out in my bathroom. The reason why is because when I break out in sweats, I lose more water than I can stomach to drink. I trust God to heal me. I trust Him with all my heart. I am monitoring my oxygen levels and they are holding steady. If they decline, I'll go to the ER but so far I am just resting at home.

I worked so hard for Uber, and what they did to me is awful. I may now lose the home I rent if I can't pay my rent ($1500) by the first. This is scary in many ways.

What is just as scary is that the app still allows me to go online and accept rides. They merely feign concern for safety. I can become homeless over this.

I did not want to ask for help but I don't know what else to do. I have tried and tried to reason with Uber. They refuse to help me. They refuse to honor their word.