Help our Family through Covid Emergency

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Goal : USD $10,000
Raised : USD $ 4,170

Fred is a loving father of two young girls, Lily (8) and Hanna (6) and a caring husband to his wife of 21 years. His family moved to Montana over a year ago to be in a smaller town. He is the sole provider for his family working as an agile coach in software development.  He has carried the financial responsibility so his wife can homeschool their children and give then a stable environment during these troubled times. Fred is a generous and kind man who makes people laugh with his dry humor. He loves spending time with his family and their 4 dogs. He enjoys playing online chess, watching fail videos with his girls and has a passion for soccer.

At the end of October Fred became ill with what he thought was the flu. His family quickly followed and everyone struggled for a few days with illness. His kids and wife recovered after a few days, however Fred became more ill. He was taken to urgent care due to shortness of breath and tested positive for Covid. Unfortunately not enough was done in these early moments and he was sent home with an inhaler. By the following day his breathing was much worse and he was treated at the ER for respiratory failure. He was sent home with a more treatments and an oxygen tank.  He could no longer breath without additional oxygen.
The following week saw a few days of stability, he even worked a few days from his home office with his oxygen in tow. However by the end of the week it was clear his health was declining and he was once again taken to the ER in critical condition.  His lung capacity had dropped so much the home oxygen could not provide enough. He developed blood clots in both his lung and leg.  He was admitted to the hospital where he is currently being treated. Fred has fought hard to stay alive, he is fighting to get back to his family.

He and his family need your help. While Fred is hospitilized and recovering from all the damage this illness has caused he cannot work. Their family has no income and will be accruing an alarming amount of medical costs. His wife and children are incredibly grateful for all the love, support and prayers pouring in from their family, friends and community.  They are asking for financial help during this struggle so their husband and father can focus on healing and not fear for them. Thank you and God Bless.


Fred update
November 29, 2021
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After about 2 weeks in the hospital Fred has done a lot of healing.  He required less oxygen amounts and his doctors are optimistic that he can make a full recovery in time.  On Thanksgiving day Fred was released from the hospital to continue healing at home with an oxygen machine. He girls were overjoyed to see their daddy who they have not been able to visit at the hospital. We pray he will continue recovering and eventually not required additional oxygen. In the meantime we celebrate Freds return home and thank God for all his blessings. Thank you all for your love and support. 


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